One of the main questions we get asked when people ask about our sweet potato powder, Clean Carbs, is “when should I use a sweet potato powder?” Mainly intended for after a workout, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it at other times. Here are some of the most popular ways our supporters are using Clean Carbs:

After a workout

If you’re doing intense exercise, this product was made for you. Tossed into your protein shake after a workout, the all-natural carbohydrates in Clean Carbs, will start replenishing glycogen and helping to shuttle protein into your depleted muscle cells for repair.

Between workouts

If you’re an athlete doing double day workouts or super long training sessions, you’re going to need to fuel yourself. This would be a perfect time to use a sweet potato powder. Many athletes find it too difficult to eat a full meal in between training sessions and clearly impossible during a training session. Old school mentality would be to drink some easy carbs from something like gatorade or another quick carb source.
The difference between Clean Carbs sweet potato powder and these quick digesting carbs is that sweet potato absorbs more controlled. This leaves you feeling energized for longer instead of full of gut rot and left with the up and down energy spikes from simple carbohydrates.


Believe it or not, Clean Carbs makes an excellent addition to baked goods recipes in place of regular flour, without all of the gluten. Need to thicken something up? Want some more texture? Try subbing out with some sweet potato powder

Weight Gain

If you’re in a phase where you’re trying to gain muscle, or bulk up, sweet potato powder can be an addition that can help you get the food you need to do so. If you’ve ever gone full force in trying to pack on muscle mass, cooking, prepping and eating all that food is sometimes impossible.
Clean Carbs always you to use clean sources of food to get a high nutrient and energy density so you can put muscle back without adding a ton of junk and empty calories to your meals.
Those are the main times when we’ve seen our supporters use our Clean Carbs sweet potato powder. How do you use it? Any ways other than how we’ve described? Hit the comments below and let us know!