Hello! The following is a testimonial from one of our awesome athletes. Sarah F. had never been a huge athlete, but since being pregnant has started working out and using pureWOD to crush her goals! Check out her story below:

Hi! Long story but there’s a point!! I’m 39 and had a baby a little less than 2 years ago. Before that I did basic cardio and never even worked out until I was about 33. I always relied on being naturally smallish and keeping off chub but definitely noticed the way my body was aging after the baby so I started CrossFit.

I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week as my schedule allows. I have been doing CrossFit for about 9 months and have been making what I feel to be very slow gains. It seems like I will reach a new level and then plateau for what feels like forever. I also don’t eat meat (some fish 2x/week) so getting high protein intake is also difficult although I have gone from 40 grams per day to an average of 100 grams without more than 1 raw protein shake per day (no bars/junk). I came across this product (pureWOD) and loved the vegan, non-gmo, all natural, organic quality. I refused to eat/drink synthetic crap to make gainz no matter how frustrated I have been.

The first week I started drinking pureWOD, I scaled back to a little under a full scoop and that has been the perfect amount for me. I honestly don’t know if I can attribute my progress to this product but it’s the only thing I have changed. I went from RXing maybe once every 2 weeks to RXing my last several consecutive workouts.

I PR’ed my Hang Power Clean into triple digits, I PR’ed my deadlift by 20+ lbs, I finally got a HSPU (with 2 pads), I was only 20 reps under the dudes in a max rep WOD today. Last week I hit the 30″ box jump when I thought 24″ was my max. The gains have been remarkable and uplifting and I am so excited and stoked to finally start hitting these marks that I have struggled with for so long.

I have no choice but to attribute this progress to the pureWOD pre-workout and just really wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you again!!!
Sarah F.

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