One week down, one to the next one. If you didn’t catch our post from last week, we’re doing these weekly guides to help you crush as much of the CrossFit Open workouts every single week. We’ve done everything we could after the 17.2 announcement to make sure you are ready!

Below you’ll find all of our prep, strategy and recovery tips for the CrossFit Open 17.2 workout, but we’ve also compiled all of this information into an easy to read infographic that you can take with you to the gym or use it on your mobile. Just pop your information in below to download the PDF guide now!

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CrossFit Open 17.2 Workout Details

12 Minute AMRAP

2 rounds:
50ft walking lunges
16 toes to bar
8 DB power cleans

2 rounds:
50ft walking lunges
16 bar muscle ups
8 DB power cleans

Men Rx:
50lb DB

Womens Rx:
35lb DB

Castro not being friendly to you gym owners who don’t have a lot of DBs, or you ahtletes who have a tough time with bar muscle ups! 17.2 is all about staying moving with the lunges and transitioning appropriately.

How to Prep for CrossFit Open 17.2 Workout

To make sure that your movement prep up warm up for CrossFit Open 17.2 is at that next level we’ve partnered with our good friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, from The Movement Fix to show you how to prepare yourself and warm up for the 17.2 CrossFit Open.

Perform the following sequence about 5-10 minutes or until you are warmed up and prepped for 17.2!

1: Straight Leg Raises
The active straight leg raise drill, in the same way of 17.1, prepares the hip and posterior chain to go into flexion, which is useful for any lift where you are bending forward (deadlift, clean, swing etc.). As the name suggests, it is active, making it more powerful than passively stretching the hamstrings. That is why we prefer it during a warm up sequence before lifts. Make sure to keep your core engaged and get all the motion at your hip joint and not in your low back. These reps should be done slow and controlled, not ballistically

2: Band Pull Aparts
The band pull apart warms up the back of the shoulder and the upper back to prep your upper body for any lift where you’ll be using your shoulders. To begin, Grab a light to medium resistance band either palms down or palms facing each other. Start with your hands straight out in front of you. Keep your elbows locked and pull the band apart until it touches the middle of your chest. Slowly bring your hands back together (but stop short of the band going off tension). Hand position on the band is dictated by whatever is most comfortable for you. Going slow and controlled is important for this drill to be effective.

3: Beat Swings
Kipping, especially the bottom or back portion of the kip, requires good preparation in the shoulders. To begin a beat swing, jump up onto the pull up bar and engage your abdomen. Use your arms to push your torso backward and then pull it forward. Keep this range of motion tight and controlled with the elbows locked. This will prepare the shoulders and upper back for the demands of the kip. Cycle through for the prescribed number of reps.

4: Cleans
This movement can get pretty sloppy pretty quickly if you don’t practice it well. When cleans are done well, though, they can be a really good warm up exercise. So work on a lighter weight, keep your core tight, and work through the movement one part at a time so that you can be sure to keep all the movements tight in the workout.


Strategy and Tips for the CrossFit Open 17.2 Workout

If you don’t have a 17.2 strategy, you’re going to find yourself missing out on a lot of potential reps. Below are the top tips for 17.2:

1: Clean Lunges
The lunges shouldn’t be super difficult in this workout, but they eat up a lot of time. And with movements that eat up a lot time, making sure efficiency is appropriate is key. One front in front of the other and continue moving. Don’t worry about if you wobble a bit, just keep on moving. It can help to point the toes a little inward when stepping ahead just like a split jerk to improve balance.

2: Use Lunges as Rest
The walking lunges should essentially be rest. 17.2 is all about the toe to bar and muscle ups. All of the hard work is on the pull-up bar, so make sure you’re catching your breath as much as you can with the lunges. Breath in between reps, slow down and go nice and controlled so you can be powerful for your grip on the bar.

3: Transition Intelligently
This might be a little obvious, but think about how you are going to go back and forth between the DBs and the bar here. The 17.2 workout here has a lot of moving parts and a lot of transitions. Make sure this is smooth and well thought out so that you are not wasting time trying to find DBs that you dropped.

4: Break up your reps
Bar muscle ups are one of those movements that are gone when they are gone. Make sure that you are always leaving one in the tank. Take a little bit of rest and think about cranking the next time you get up on the bar.

How to Recover from The CrossFit Open 17.2 Workout

17.2 recovery is just as important as anything else. We’ll have three more workouts in the CrossFit Open after this, so we need to be smart on how we approach the time between the workouts.

1: Meditation
This 17.2 workout is can be super stressful. Increased stress leads to increased cortisol, which leads to low energy, more stress, and poor recovery. Simple meditation or mindfulness techniques can go a long way to help out with this stress response so you can maximize recovery. A good place to start if you’ve never tried this is an app called Headspace or Calm. Increased mental recovery equals increased physical recovery!

2: BUILD Back Up
This workout contains a lot of joint stress. We need to make sure the joint surfaces and your connective tissue is healing at a very high rate. Make sure you’re getting lots of collagen and gelatin sources in your diet from whole animal products, bone broths, or through products like Prime Protein, our grass-fed beef protein.

3: Light Swimming
17.2 recovery definitely needs to incorporate some general blood flow to keep blood pumping. Your active recovery should be full body to get the best benefits. If you have access to a pool, this would be a perfect time to be able to put active recovery from 17.2 to use and reduce the amount of backup in your tissues and increasing blood flow. Swap through the basic strokes and keep a nice even pace for 30-45 minutes. You shouldn’t be gasping for air anywhere. This is a recovery piece, after all, not a workout.

Have any more questions, comments or need any more personal attention?Reach out to me at [email protected] before you hit this workout and I will try to respond ASAP if I can help!

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