Time to cross the finish line! The grand finale of the 2016 CrossFit Open is here with workout 16.5? If you’re not a regionals athlete, you can go ahead and leave it all on the line here.

The workout is as follows:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of

Rx Weight:
Males 95 lb.
Females 65 lb.

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To step your movement prep up to the next level we partnered with our good friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, from The Movement Fix to show you how to prepare yourself for the 16.5 CrossFit Open.

Head over to his website to check out more details than the video on prepping for 16.5.

He was also kind enough to give the Equip athletes 10% off of his movement workshop (probably near you soon) with coupon code OPEN2016.


16.5 is… 14.5.

Below is a summary of tips for this workout:

Have a Game Plan

Have a game plan of how you’re going to break up the thrusters and try to stick to it. If you are a beast who can go through the thrusters unbroken in this workout, then you probably don’t need to be reading this article anyway.

Break the thrusters up into manageable chunks up front. 11-10, 9-9, 8-7, 6-6, 5-4, 6, 3 is a pretty decent intermediate strategy. 7-7-7, 6-6-6, 5-5-5, etc is a little easier strategy. Either way, grab some chalk and write on the wall what you want to hit and try to stick to it.

Don’t trip on the bar.

This sounds like a silly recommendation, but it is something I have unfortunately seen far too many times. Especially later in this workout, keep your feet together, focus and get those feet over the bar!

Keep moving on the burpees

I know, this workout sucks. Burpees suck. They are a movement where it is super easy to just want to quit and fall asleep on the floor when you are belly down, but DO NOT do that.

Keep moving. Even if it is at a slow pace. Keep. On. Moving.

Clean up the thrusters

Clean the bar into the bottom of the front squat portion of the thruster and then explode out of the bottom. You’re going to have to pick that bar up a lot so save as much energy as possible by cleaning into that position instead of cleaning into a standing full front rack then squatting.

Breath at top

If you don’t want to drop the bar but need to reset or really breath deep, stand tall with the bar overhead, keep your ribcage down and breath into that belly once, then back down.

Breathing in the front rack position is a lot of wasted eccentric energy that you can be using just taking the bar from overhead to the bottom of a squat. Go from overhead smoothly to the bottom of the squat.


Not much to say here — go sleep, eat and recover! The Open is over! Go hang out with your friends, enjoy your hard work and celebrate the small wins. Did you PR something? Get your first bar muscle up?


Have any more questions, comments or need any more personal attention? Get to me at before you hit this workout and I will try to respond ASAP!


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