How are those abs feeling? Ready for the 2016 CrossFit Open Workout 16.3? You’re going to need to be ready as 16.3 is a short and nasty sprint.

The workout is as follows:

7 minute AMRAP
10 power snatches
3 bar muscle ups

Rx Weight:
Males 75 lb.
Females 55lb

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To step your movement prep up to the next level we partnered with our good friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, from The Movement Fix to show you how to prepare yourself for the 16.3 CrossFit Open.

Head over to his website to check out more details than the video on prepping for 16.3.

He was also kind enough to give the pureWOD athletes 10% off of his movement workshop (probably near you soon) with coupon code OPEN2016.


16.3 is a nasty sprint. Efficiency rules for reps here.

Below is a summary of tips for this workout:

Heavy on the HIPS

The snatches are going to add up very quickly. Focus on smooth perfect reps and don’t waste any energy pulling with your arms. The weight should be light enough where you can use your hip thrusts to push through to get the bar overhead.

This rule also applies for the muscle ups! Use the kip with your hips to crush your muscle ups. Don’t waste tons of energy doing strict chest to bar pull ups to dips.

Leave a rep on the muscle ups

Losing a rep on a muscle up because you got one elbow up and not the other is a HUGE waste of energy. If it is early or middle in the workout and you are guessing if you are going to get the next muscle up, drop and wait a second or two until you are confident.

Don’t Burn Up on the snatches

Is your low back and core still tight from last week? Warm that trunk up. If you remember Randy from last year, use a similar strategy. Don’t burn out as you can be doing upwards of 100 snatches here.

Transition Intelligently

Use a smart count of breaths in between the movements. This will be a workout where you can easily waste 5-10 seconds every transition just staring at the bar. Breathe deep into your breath three times (or whatever works for you) and get back on the bar.

Chalk up (or use grips) back and forth and have it in a spot where you can do it while taking your breaths. Save those precious hands!

Redline Timing

If you get towards the end of this workout and you are feeling like you still have some gas, have a time where you stomp on that pedal. 1 minute to go, 2 minutes to go, whatever you’re personally comfortable with.

With a 7 minute AMRAP it is very easy to hit it hard and burn out within the first two minutes. Keep a high intensity but don’t bust out your heart to pieces in the first two minutes.

Get your HR up before

When you are using Dr. DeBell’s tips from the video above, make sure you get yourself moving and sweating. You don’t want to be passing out and be exhausted, but if you don’t warm up with a higher HR on this one, you’ll redline easy (see above).

Don’t Rip!

This has been a common theme of the 2016 CrossFit Opoen! Wear grips if you have them and chalk up on the bar. LOOK FOR SMOOTH BARS. If you have a new rig at the gym, the friction on the bar is not going to friend.

If you noticed in the announcement video, both competitors had gymnastics grips on their hands.

Fuel Appropriately

This is a quick sprint with hopefully very little to no rest so EAT SOME CARBS! Your body is going to be glycolytic (using carbs) very early on in this workout.

Don’t eat too much food overall where you feel sick in this sprint, but make sure you have those carbs before. Critical in sprint AMRAPS like this.


Recovery from this workout will be short and sweet. Just like 15.4 (an 8-minute AMRAP) you’ll probably be a little gassed, but ready to battle another day.

There is little chance this workout will feel anything like the vomit inducing 16.1.

Keep moving and take care of those hands immediately if you ripped.

Don’t worry about doing this workout twice. If you aren’t performing well, there will be little to recover from in a day or two. You should be able to crank this one out back to back days if necessary.

Have any more questions, comments or need any more personal attention? Get to me at before you hit this workout and I will try to respond ASAP!


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pureWOD Caveman Coffee Giveaway CrossFit 16.3

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