Kicking things off hot in the 2016 CrossFit Open as 16.1 brings us a 20-minute burner of walking overhead lunges, bar facing burpees, and chest to bar pull ups.

The workout is as follows:

20 minute AMRAP of:
25 feet of overhead lunges
8 burpees
25 feet of overhead lunges
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rx Weight:
Males 95 lb
Females 65 lb

Check out the sections below on how to prepare for the movement, strategies for the workout and a recovery plan and make sure to enter a giveaway to win a free pack of bone broth for your recovery needs!


To step your movement prep up to the next level we partnered with our good friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, from The Movement Fix to show you how to prepare yourself for the 16.1 CrossFit Open.

Head over to his website to check out more details than the video on prepping for 16.1.

He was also kind enough to give the pureWOD athletes 10% off of his movement workshop (probably near you soon) with coupon code OPEN2016.


16.1 is a going to be a real test of overhead durability for a lot of people. The overall goal here will be maintaining stability and perfect form to be able to last all 20 minutes.

Below is a summary of tips for this workout:

Slow and steady wins this workout

Don’t come out of the gate hot and smoke your shoulders out immediately. You have 20 minutes to get work in here and it is A LOT of shoulder volume.

Efficiency Rules

If you aren’t keeping your movements tight and well coordinated, you are going to waste a lot of energy and fail quickly.

Lock out your arms and keep the bar overhead (not behind or in front) on the walking lunges. Plant your feet squarely and keep your hips engaged on the lunges. Step up from the burpees if you’re feeling at all tired. Be like Froning here. Perfect reps.

Overhead walking lunges = burpees

Don’t underestimate the similarity between burpees and overhead walking lunges. They both tax your shoulders and legs pretty similarly. If you’re sloppy in one or the other, it is going to be a long 20 minutes.

See above point on efficiency.

Pull ups as a break

The chest to bar here will essentially be a rest period for your shoulders. Don’t hurry through this movement if you don’t have to. Use your hips to transfer your momentum and just work towards clean and full reps.

Don’t stress if you miss one or two or even have to go to singles. This is definitely a shoulder and leg workout.

Don’t Empty the tank

With how long this workout is, leave some reps in the tank. When your shoulders go, they will go. Have an idea of what you’re going to do for reps ahead of time, and then how you are going to break them up when they start failing.

For instance, 8-8-8-8, then 4/4-8-4/4-8 rep counts or whatever variation works for your strengths or weaknesses. Have a plan then have a backup plan.

Fuel Appropriately

Make sure your nutrition is on point this day. If you train in the morning on an empty stomach and generally eat a high fat diet, then go for it on an empty stomach.

If not, make sure to eat enough healthy sources of carbs throughout the day leading up to this so your muscles can take the 20 minute beating.

It is super easy to make the shameless pureWOD  plug for this 20 minute workout — the caffeine coming from green tea is going to be a slow release and the coconut water powder is going to keep the hydration levels up.


Okay, so your shoulders are fried and your legs are jello. It is going to be tempting to crash after this workout but KEEP MOVING!

If your legs or arms are crushed after this workout, don’t think that resting them is the best technique. Active recovery will be your best bet.

Legs crushed? Get on a bike and do some light pedaling. Shoulders crushed? Do some light swimming and get those things opened up.

Keep eating. Get some quick digesting carbs and protein after this workout so that the muscle repair can begin as soon as possible.

If you are one of those insane people who do this workout twice, space out enough time (Friday and Monday) to give your shoulders enough time to recover adequately. A back-to-back (Saturday and Sunday) is not a good strategy for this type of workout.

Have any more questions, comments or need any more personal attention? Get to me at [email protected] before you hit this workout and I will try to respond ASAP!


As we stated in our post about the Top 7 Strategies to Crush The Open, you are going to need to up your gelatin and collagen game to recover properly. This is especially true after this 20 minute burn. Other than Prime Protein, the next best source? Bone broth.

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