If you haven’t been living under a rock the last few weeks, you’ll be quick to notice that the World Health Organization has “assumed” that meat may increase your risk of cancer and shorten lifespan.

Seeing headlines buzz with information about links between meat and cancer is sure eye-catching. When looking at the surface, it would be easy to question the safety of meat and all meat derivatives without investigating. Being as Prime Protein is a complete beef isolate, it is important to talk about if these claims hold up under the light of science and if Prime Protein itself is healthy.

It is important to note at the surface that these claims are unfounded and poorly researched. Further reading and dissection into this issue can be found at these trusted sources:

Chris Kresser, L.Ac. – Read Meat and Cancer

Dr. Stephan Guyenet – Is Meat Unhealthy?

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne – The Link Between Meat and Cancer

Mark Sisson – What Does the WHO Report Mean For Your Meat-Eating Habits?

Okay, so in conclusion, meat isn’t bad for you, but processed meat might be? Fair enough. But, wait, isn’t Prime Protein processed? Shouldn’t that make it unhealthy? Not so fast.

Meat may not be the best choice when 1) heated and burned and 2) processed with the inclusion and aid of chemicals and artificial compounds. It is not the meat that is inherently bad for you, it is all the chemicals and other compounds the processing requires.

To have a better understanding of how Prime Protein is made, think about how you make bone broth. Chunks of meat are tossed into water and boiled down. This happens in the early stages of Prime Protein.

After a long cooking process, the protein, collagen and gelatin is then spray dried, which is then turned into a powder. This is pure beef isolate with no chemicals added. Beef isolate and stevia are added and you get the final product of Prime Protein. That’s it.

Not only are no chemicals added to Prime Protein, but it is also heated in an extremely “low and slow” fashion. This means that all of the proteins are intact and there are no potentially harmful compounds.

The reason why Equip was started in the first place is take out the worry of artificial compounds and the confusion of supplements and food sources. Our products are completely transparent so you know what goes in them and why.

With Prime Protein, you don’t have to worry about any processing agents or chemicals and have the confidence that you’re getting a high quality, nutrient dense, whole food supplement. That’s it.