It’s that time of the year again! This year we will be doing a little bit more than we did last year to get you ready to score the best in CrossFit Open as possible.

Below you’ll find all of our prep, strategy and recovery tips for the CrossFit Open 17.1 workout, but we’ve also compiled all of this information into an easy to read infographic that you can take with you to the gym. Just pop your information in below to download the PDF guide now!

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CrossFit Open 17.1 Workout Details

Couplet for time (20 minute time cap)

10 dumbell snatches 15 burpee box jump
20 dumbell snatches 15 burpee box jump
30 dumbell snatches 15 burpee box jump
40 dumbell snatches 15 burpee box jump
50 dumbell snatches 15 burpee box jump

Men Rx:
50lb DB

Womens Rx:
35lb DB

Nowhere to hide here! 17.1 is all about staying moving as it is a “for time” workout with a 20 minute time cap. What that means is that this will be a grueling 20 minute workout for a lot of you.

How to Prep for CrossFit Open 17.1 Workout

To step your movement prep up to the next level we partnered with our good friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, from The Movement Fix to show you how to prepare yourself for the 17.1 CrossFit Open.

Perform the following sequence about 5-10 minutes or until you are warmed up!

1: 20 Single or Double Unders
The single under will help to prepare the lower leg muscles, ankles, and feet for the demands of jumping. It is a great movement to include in high reps to elevate the heart rate and prepare the tissues around your ankles for the demands placed upon them during jumping exercises.

2: 10 Straight Leg Raises
The active straight leg raise drill prepares the hip and posterior chain to go into flexion, which is useful for any lift where you are bending forward (deadlift, clean, swing etc.). As the name suggests, it is active, making it more powerful than passively stretching the hamstrings. That is why we prefer it during a warm up sequence before lifts. Make sure to keep your core engaged and get all the motion at your hip joint and not in your low back. These reps should be done slow and controlled, not ballistically

3: 10 Down Dogs
The push up to downward dog helps to prepare your shoulder joints and musculature to get into end range flexion as well as gets the muscles warmed up in a pressing and overhead pressing pattern. This movement is very active. You should think about controlling it muscularly throughout the entire movement. When you are in the downward dog position, think about pushing your body away from the ground to get additional shoulder blade motion.

4: 2 Dumbell Snatches
Focus entirely on your movement here. Don’t worry about anything else. Perfect practice makes perfect. Execute the movements ideally here and increase weight in the rounds every time.

Strategy and Tips for the CrossFit Open 17.1 Workout

1: Don’t Stop On Burpees
A burpee box jump is a bodyweight movement. They may suck, but there’s no reason why you should stop moving. The longer you take a rest, the more time on the clock you’ll be eating up. Keep the pace consistent and stay moving. Don’t rest at the bottom, don’t rest at the top. If you need to break jumping up with then putting one leg up into a lunge position and standing up instead, that is completely fine. There’s just one rule here: stay moving.

2: Efficiency Wins
There are 150 DB snatches. Sloppy movements in this workout equal wasted energy. Move well and score better. Think about this during the warm up and make sure that you are using your hips to explode every rep and that you’re not pulling with your back or your arms.

3: Hydrate Appropriately
Make sure you’re fully hydrated and get tons of electrolytes before the workout. You saw the competitors completely ruined after the workout. Make sure that you have enough in the tank to burn through this for time workout.

4: Pace Intelligently
Chances are you aren’t going to plow through this in 10-12 minutes like a Games level athlete. Make sure you don’t come out of the gate sprinting and waste all of your energy. Save the sprint until either 16 minutes on the clock or until your last set of dumbbell snatches.

How to Recover from The CrossFit Open 17.1 Workout

1: Yoga
This was a full body workout, time for some full body recovery. Take a yoga class or just download an app and do some light work in getting the tissues and joints opened up. Not only does yoga help with reducing tension in these areas, you’re also going to get a much better parasympathetic nervous response that helps with recovery. For all of you tough CrossFitters, trying a yoga class can be a humbling experience. Suck up your pride and recover smart!

2: Hydration
Hydration is super important not just right after, but well after a workout as demanding as this one. Make sure you’re consuming adequate fluids to help with recovery. If you’re really increasing the amount of fluid, also increase the amount of salt. Too much water can sometimes cause low salt levels, which you need for muscle contractions.

3: Light Running
You’ll have a lot of metabolites built up in your tissues after this long workout. Stay loose and keep blood flow going to help clear out all of that metabolic waste so you can recover faster. What does this look like? Get on a treadmill or go outside and run do a light jog for about 30-45 minutes. Your running should be at a light enough pace where you could comfortable talk with someone you are running with. You don’t need to push this. Any more effort would make this counterproductive.

Have any more questions, comments or need any more personal attention? Reach out to me at [email protected] before you hit this workout and I will try to respond ASAP if I can help!

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