You may have noticed some new changes around here! We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve taken the leap from pureWOD to Equip.

I’m Dr. Anthony Gustin, the founder of pureWOD/Equip and wanted to write this note to explain why we’ve made the move we did.


First of all, to ease some of the uneasiness of the switch: No, we were not acquired. No, there are no changes to the products you already use and love. Same company, same team, same products. Now that you can breathe easy, on to the why.


We’ve always been dedicated to providing the highest quality, whole food based solutions to your nutrition. We initially landed on pureWOD as an entry into the functional fitness space with an all-natural pre-workout, but as we kept adding new products, we realized our brand had grown out of the workout focused shell.


Our protein, carbs, micronutrients and more are all products that don’t need a workout to be effective ways to round out your nutrition. They are complete sources of nutrition that can be enjoyed anytime.


As we grow, we’ll be adding more and more whole food products. My goal is to have solutions for accessible whole food nutrition in every single aisle of a grocery store.
Since our goal is to equip you with the nutrition outside of fresh foods you need for whatever goals you have, we thought that would actually be a perfect name. So, welcome Equip!


You can rest assured knowing that all of the products retain the same formulation and effectiveness as before, just with a little facelift. Here’s how you’ll know the products moving forward:
BUILD is now Prime Protein. While beef is one of the best proteins, the BUILD naming structure never really made sense for most of the users. You need to workout to build more muscle, for instance. This protein isn’t just for building, but for recovering, and for nourishing.


PRE is now PureWOD. We couldn’t ditch our name entirely! This was our first and flagship product, and why we decided to name the company pureWOD in the first place. This pre-workout is still pure, and it is perfect for any WOD (workout of the day) that comes your way.


RECOVER is now Clean Carbs. This is more fitting as many of you were using the product without having to recover from anything. This product is still perfect to use whenever you want carbs that are provided to you in a way that won’t mess up your gut and come from real, clean sources.


GREENS is now Micro Greens. Not much has changed here. Still all of the amazing micronutrient that keeps you healthy and feeling amazing.


We even launched three new products! Check out what we’ve been working on:


Complete Collagen is a 100% grass-fed collagen peptide supplement. We source exclusively from farms in the U.S. and don’t contribute to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest clear cutting like some of the other guys. The product is unflavored and best to use if you are looking to get a boost in connective tissue building, for skin and hair, and for joint surfaces.


Turmeric Blend+ is a blend of natural food-based anti-inflammatories. Turmeric, ginger, black pepper and berberine are combined here to help your body ramp up it’s own reduction in inflammation.


Pure WOD (aka PRE) now comes in a Blackberry Lemon flavor! Look for the same great workout formula but a different taste for you fanatics who want to switch it up every now and then.


We’ve already developed a bunch of other new products and are super excited to roll them out over the next few months.  And yes, we will be releasing single serve packets of all of your favorites soon 😃


I can’t thank you all enough for your support up to this point. Some of you have been around since the very first hand labeled, individually packed and shipped bags. Your support has allowed me to work non-stop at solving the problems of accessible nutrition. Thank you so much.


As always, I would love your feedback and am up for any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments. Just reach out below or send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.